C&C Design Studio is Boston, Florida, and Rhode Island's Top Photography Studio

With the highest level of standards we strive to remain on top.

If you want to grow with us, join us, and help us uphold the standard.


Want to work with amazing brides?

Here is a little about our jobs;

Lead Photographer: Take the amazing pictures we thrive off of.

Assistant Photographer: Take a photojournalistic view of the wedding and help your lead.

Sales: Front line, help brides find the right package.

Marketing: Promote the message of C&C.

Venue Coordination: Help drive a connection between C&C and the venue.

Videography: Uphold C&C Videography standards.

Editing: Make those awesome photos look even more dreamy!

Here is what our team is saying;

 Chris Cardone Emails

Chris Cardone - Lead Consultant: C&C Design Studio is home of Boston's Top Photographers, as a lead on the consulting team and a lead on the photography team, I can happily say that no matter what job you take on here the general tone and message of C&C is to make brides happy and supply them with the amazing photography they want.


Have a few questions? Email to Info@CCDesignStudio.com with those questions.